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Бизнес Центр Петровский, Улица Нижняя 14, стр. 1, офис 28
125040 Москва

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Expand geographically

Market research has shown that ElaN should play its cards right and expand geographically if it wants to maintain its yearly growth margin of 15%. Analyses point out that the Russian and Chinese markets are the growth markets of the next few years. ElaN’s offices in Russia and China will be managed by people who satisfy three important criteria: they have the same roots, they enjoy – because they are imbued with the ElaN-philosophy – the trust of the ElaN-management and know the market in question like the back of their hand.

The decision for France was taken based on the same criteria. An additional fact to point out is that business manager Kathelijne Sarens has been working for ElaN for 5 years!
ElaN’s continuous efforts and investments in automatisation and the resulting know-how will only be really returning the investment on a wide international platform. It is exactly in that area that ElaN is a step ahead of the competition, at home and abroad. We must now realize our lead with an international policy that will heighten the prestige of the Belgian division as well as of the group as a whole.

Бизнес Центр Петровский, Улица Нижняя 14, стр. 1, офис 28
125040 Москва

T: +7 (495) 6 27 57 34
Mob: +7 910 428 8706


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